Vivian Dsena: Painting helps me relax


Besides being a great actor, Vivian Dsena also loves to paint. A hobby that began in school, Vivian has recently taken up painting again and is having a ball! “I used to paint during my childhood as we were taught in school too. We had arts as a subject in the military school in Nashik where I studied. It was important because it actually affected the overall percentage. We actually learned the difference between modern art, abstract art and semi-abstract arts. I am an abstract and semi-abstract artist, I do landscapes and I used to do it during my childhood. Moreover, I love to do warm and cold combination it is something that is related to our life also. I like the balance and if you see the painting you will see the exact balance of warm and cold colours. I started painting after 16 years,” he says.

He has made quite a few paintings recently. “I have made half a landscape, it’s not done because I want to do it with full dedication. Before that, I did a hummingbird and the thought behind that was I wanted to do something colourful which gets me into the mood. One thing I realised was that painting relaxes my mind. With so many things going on in my mind, I personally find that painting cools my mind,” he says.

He adds, “Painting is a creative outlet and so far I have made a butterfly as a semi-abstract piece. I am working on that too. I am not a professional artist so I won’t try my hand on portraits.”

On mentioning that Salman Khan his favourite actor is also into painting he says, It’s a coincidence, he is my favorite actor but there is no connect, he started painting probably 10 years back. I am aware of his flair for painting. I hate reading I can never read books and I still don’t. Painting is a creative outlet for me and I am enjoying every bit of it”. On being asked if he wishes to make painting for a specific person he says, “I am a very private person and as such I haven’t thought of maknig it fore anyone specifically but for surely make for friends who matter in near future”