Chef, Couldn’t live up to the expectations



The movie “Chef” starring Saif Ali Khan and directed by Raja Krishna Menon is out for the audience in the theatres.

The movie is a remake of the Jon Favre starrer from 2014, about a celebrated culinary genius whose sudden fall from grace leads him to question where his heart truly lies.

Roshan Kalra (Saif Ali Khan), a chef in New York who was doing well in his field until the day came when his cooking was criticized by the patrons and he refused to take the responsibility for his actions. As a result he was fired from the restaurant. Jobless Roshan decided to go back to India and meet her Ex-wife Radha (Padmapriya Janakiraman) and son Armaan (Svar Kamble). The meeting becomes the turning point of the chef’s life. With his son Armaan, Roshan decided to remodel a rundown double-decker bus into a hip food-truck. The two were joined by (Chandan Roy Sanyal), a friend of Roshan from New York for driving the bus. Exotic roti-Pizza was served by the team to the people on the Kochi –Delhi highway.

Roshan can be seen imparting life lessons to his son oftenly in the movie. The post marriage relation showed between Roshan and Radha is maturely handled. There are some laughs to be had from the responses of Saif to the presence of the husband of Radha, Milind Soman a collector who appears better than Roshan at every aspect.

The script writing is quite weak aspect of the movie .But the casting is done very well. Saif well played the role of an angry, frustrated young man, who is still confused about his life and is unable to decide what to do next.

Overall the movie isn’t perfect. There are many flaws in it including the writing part. But For two hours, it will please you with Saif Ali’s return to form as an actor hard to look away from. The movie could be worth watching once.