Fortunes and Fame: Unveiling Top 10 Richest Bollywood Actors of 2024

From veteran legends to new faces, these individuals have not only captured our imagination but have also accumulated considerable wealth along their journey.

Step into the wonderful realm of Bollywood, where dreams fly on the silver screen and stars shine brighter than ever. In this vibrant universe, we find the stories of the Top 10 Richest Bollywood Actors who have left an indelible mark on the hearts of audiences around the world. From veteran legends to new faces, these individuals have not only captured our imagination but have also accumulated considerable wealth along their journey.

Join us as we take an exciting look into the lives and wealth of Bollywood’s richest characters, each with a story as fascinating as the beautifully crafted movies!

1) Shah Rukh Khan

The actor stands at a whooping net worth of $730 million. Well, ‘Badshah’ for a reason!

Shah Rukh Khan is not just super rich, he is one of the most loved actors in Bollywood, who has been rocking the industry for three decades! You may know him as SRK, Badshah, or King Khan – his fans name him not only in India but all over the world. He started his Bollywood journey with “Deewana” in ’92, but it was his killer performance in “Baajigar” that really put him on the map. And oh boy, the awards are pouring in – 14 Filmfare awards for him, as well as accolades like the Padma Shri, the Ordre des Arts et des Lates, and the Legion of Honour, all for his stellar contributions to Indian cinema. And hey, did we mention he’s also one of the richest actors on the planet? Yes, SRK is definitely living the dream!

2) Amitabh Bachchan 

Son of legendary poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Amitabh Bachchan is a Bollywood icon in his own right. Starting out as a struggling actor, Amitabh faced his fair share of flops before hitting the jackpot with a supporting role in “Anand”. Now, he is not only famous, but also one of the richest stars of Bollywood, with a net worth of more than a staggering $410 million. With a career spanning over five decades, Amitabh is truly a living legend in the world of Indian cinema with four National Film Awards, the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Award, fifteen major Filmfare Awards and many more honors along the way.

3) Salman Khan

A popular figure in Bollywood, Salman Khan is not only an actor but also a TV host, a philanthropist, born to screenwriter Salim Khan, the third richest actor in India with a net worth of $350 million. Salman made her Bollywood debut with a role in “Biwi Ho To” Aisi”, but it was his portrayal of Prem in the popular 1989 film “Maine Pyaar Kiya” that made him a star, making it India’s highest grossing film one of the biggest at the time. Fans know that his reputation is not limited to India; he was recognized by Forbes as one of the 100 best dressed celebrity entertainers in the world in 2015 and was recognized as a celebrity Indian who got biggest amount in 2018. Salman Khan’s journey is a testament to his versatility and lasting influence in the entertainment industry.

4) Hrithik Roshan 

Hrithik Roshan is a powerhouse of Bollywood, not only known for his acting prowess but also his amazing dancing skills, gracing the silver screen since childhood despite facing the challenge of scoliosis since his early 20s. Hrithik starred a wonderfully impressive performance in “Kaho Na… Pyar Hai”. It happened that is. Interestingly, he shares his film journey with his father multi-faceted Bollywood personality Rakesh Roshan, who is an actor, producer, director and screenwriter who have made several memorable films together. Despite his health struggles, Hrithik rose to incredible heights in the industry, amassing a net worth of $340 million and becoming the fourth richest actor in Bollywood and his story is a testament to his talent, determination and family unity in the Indian film industry.

5) Akshay Kumar 

Akshay Kumar is a household name in Bollywood, having made silver screens in over 100 films in his illustrious 30-year career. Born Rajeev Bhatia, he took the name Akshay inspired by his first film character ‘Akshay’ in “Aaj”. His breakthrough came in 1992 with “Khiladi”, which not only launched his career but also launched a successful franchise, earning him the affectionate nickname Khiladi Kumar With an estimated net worth of $340 million, Akshay has risen to the top of the rich list of Indian actors. His journey from Rajeev to Akshay, from struggling beginnings to superstar status, is an example of resilience and talent in the Indian film industry.

6) Aamir Khan 

Often hailed as Mr. Perfection, Aamir Khan is known for his relentless pursuit of filmmaking. From earlier roles in films like “Yaadon Ki Baraat” and “Holi”, Aamir’s journey to full-time actor began with the iconic “Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak.” In his career among all the popular, he won nine Filmfare Awards, four National Film Awards, an AACTA Award and many other nominations. As his magnum opus “Lagaan” earned him an Academy Award nomination as Best Foreign Language Film, which made Aamir’s standing hard if one of the few Indian filmmakers to achieve such glory on the global stage. Aamir Khan’s commitment to equality and his one of the unprecedented contributions to Indian cinema continues to inspire generations filmmakers and film buffs. The actor stands at a net worth of $230 million.

7) Saif Ali Khan 

Bollywood icon Saif Ali Khan has followed in the footsteps of his famous family and carved his own niche in the industry. Being a member of the esteemed Pataudi family, son of legendary actress Sharmila Tagore and cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, Saif boasts of a family as rich as his acting career though many played music since the early ’90s When acting, it was his solo success in 2000’s “Kya Kehna” that really put him in the limelight and today Saif’s net worth commands around $150 million, making him into the list of the richest actor in India. His journey is a testament to his talent, legacy and enduring reputation in the world of Indian cinema.

8) Ajay Devgn 

Son of respected stunt choreographer and director Veeru Devgn, Ajay Devgn and actress Veena are formidable figures in Bollywood. Known for his versatility, Ajay has won many awards and accolades in his illustrious career. His journey began with “Phool Aur Kaante” in 1991, and it was the beginning of an impressive cinematic legacy. In the ’90s and 2000s, Ajay churned out many blockbuster hits, establishing his status as a powerhouse performer in the industry. Originally known as Vishal, he adopted the name Ajay to distinguish himself from the many leading stars who had Vishal’s name at that time. Ajay Devgn’s incredible journey is a testament to his dedication, talent and ability to carve a unique sculpture among the brightest stars of Bollywood. He owns an estimated net worth of $55 million.

9) Dharmendra

Dharmendra, affectionately dubbed the “He-Man” of Bollywood, stands as a revered figure in Indian cinema. With a family deeply entrenched in the industry, including his wife Hema Malini, sons Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol, and daughter Esha Deol, the Deol dynasty has left an indelible mark on Bollywood. Dharmendra’s illustrious career spans an impressive six decades, during which he has graced over 301 films with his charismatic presence. His unparalleled contributions to Hindi cinema earned him the prestigious Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award, a testament to his enduring legacy. With a net worth estimated at around 70 million dollars, Dharmendra rightfully claims his place among the wealthiest Bollywood actors, further solidifying his status as a cinematic icon.

10) Rajesh Khanna 

Rajesh Khanna, affectionately hailed as the “First Superstar” of Indian cinema, left an indelible mark on Bollywood before his passing in 2012 at the age of 69. With an estimated net worth of around 65 million dollars, he ranks among the wealthiest Bollywood actors of all time. Beyond his financial success, Khanna’s influence extended far and wide; he held the title of the highest-paid actor in Hindi cinema throughout the 1970s and 1980s. His cinematic legacy is further underscored by his record of acting in 15 consecutive successful movies, a feat unmatched by many. Khanna’s stellar performances garnered him numerous awards and accolades, solidifying his place as an iconic figure in the annals of Indian cinema.