Is K-drama Connection bracing up for season 2? Writer Lee Hyun responds

Fan response to the Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do series was overwhelmingly positive.


On July 6, Connection concluded its broadcast and recorded its highest ratings for viewers. A second season of the drama has been highly anticipated, but writer Lee Hyun stated in a recent interview that it is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

In conversation with OSEN, writer Lee Hyun and director Kim Moo Kyo were asked if there would be a second season of Connection. In response, the author stated that he wanted to give the characters some time off because the main character is still dependent on drugs, is getting back to his normal life, and his friends have either passed away or been sent to prison. The crime thriller is very popular, but a second season of the drama is not likely to happen very soon.

About Connection

Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do in character posters for Connection; Image: SBS

SBS broadcasted the show from May 24, 2024, to July 6, 2024. The drama’s principal cast included Kim Kyung Nam, Jeon Mi Do, Ji Sung, and Kwon Yool.

Connection achieved a new high for itself with its season finale episode, which had an average viewership rating of 17.1% across the country.

It narrates the tale of detective Jang Jae Kyung, who is taken hostage and made to take drugs. He teams up with a former classmate who reunites after 20 years to solve the case after his high school buddy mysteriously dies