Jabariya Jodi: The film loses message amid humour


A lot of humour, drama, weddings, songs and great chemistry of Sidharth and Parineeti was expected when the trailer was out.

As the concept of this film is ‘Pakadwa Vivah’, the whole film revolves around kidnappings followed by Shotgun shaadis.

It is interesting how Director Prashant Singh and writer Sanjeev K Jha creatively decided to address this serious issue with all the laughter. Well, to their credit, they did succeed in making you their audience laugh quite a few times in the first half with hilarious punches, which made 1the first half remains breezy and light, even though a lot of it doesn’t make much sense. However, writing in the second half is all over the place. Apart from the failed attempts of humour, there is unnecessary drama, which takes away all the fun and even the impact for the message that it tries to deliver.

Sidharth Malhotra makes the frame look good, but feels like a misfit in the role of a small town gunda. Even with colourful shirts, dark scarfs, and tacky sunglasses, he as ‘Abhay’ doesn’t convince us to believe in the character. Also Parineeti, who is always glammed up in chic designer wear, even when she’s in an emotional turmoil. While both the actors put in their best, with Parineeti getting the Bihari accent bang on, the writing is what eventually lets them down.

Aparshakti Khurana, as the forever friend-zoned lover, is decent, but his character seems way too good to be real.

All in all, just like its trailer, the film Jabariya Jodi did start on a promising note, but lost the fun and could not live up to the expectations as such.