July binge list: 6 best Anime series to explore

An enormous variety of characters and storylines can be found in the anime scene, ranging from humans falling in love to mystical creatures at war.


To the delight of fans, the catalog of animes that have been released this summer continues to keep growing. Regardless of your level of otaku experience, July offers a wide selection of anime to choose from.

The top 6 Anime to Watch in July 2024 are mentioned below.

1. Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest

The eagerly awaited “Fairy Tail” sequel debuted on July 7, 2024. Hiro Mashima’s well-known manga served as the inspiration for Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest.The sealing of the Five Dragon Gods, who are equally as strong as Acnologia, is the central premise of Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest. Stream on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest [PC - YouTube/Muse Asia]

2. Mayonka Punch

Dōga Tōkō Shōjo is the creator of the original anime series Mayonka Punch. The protagonist of the show is Masaki, a well-liked YouTuber who is fired after a contentious live broadcast. She joins forces with Live in an attempt to surpass the Harikiri Sisters in terms of subscribers. You can stream Mayonka Punch on Crunchyroll. Additionally, Medialink has obtained a license for the series’ streaming on Ani-One Asia’s YouTube channel in East and Southeast Asia.

Mayonaka Punch Episode 1 [PC - YouTube - KADOKAWAanime]

3. Oshi No Ko Season 2

The manga by Aka Akasaka is the basis for Oshi No Ko. Fans were ecstatic to see the sequel because it is one of the most well-known, having sold over 15 million copies worldwide. The show centers on the lives of two twins who are investigating the mystery surrounding their past lives. The second season of Oshi No Ko is accessible globally on HDIVE.

Season 2 of Oshi no Ko [PC - Youtube - Oshi no Ko Official - Doga Kobo]

4. Shoshimin 

An anime adaptation of the series has been released, which is well-deserved, nearly 20 years after the original novel was published in 2004. Shoshimin chronicles the lives of two high school students who are constantly getting entangled in mysteries: Jōgorō Kobato and Yuki Osanai. You can get Shoshimin on Crunchyroll. Aniplus TV and Bahamut Anime also streams the animated series.

Shoshimin [PC - Studio Lapin Track, Crunchyroll]

5. Kinnikuman Perfect Origin Arc

In 1983, the first anime ever made its debut. The Kinnikuman Perfect Origin Arc, the sequel, has been released after nearly 40 years. The manga by Takashi Shimada and Yoshinori Nakai served as the basis for the TV show. It chronicles the exploits of Kinnikuman, the awkward superhero. It is one of the most well-known manga series ever, having sold over 77 million copies worldwide. Production I.G. is producing the follow-up, which will stream on Netflix.

Kinnikuman Perfect Origin Arc [PC - YouTube/Netflix]

6. The Magical Girl And The Evil Lieutenant Used To Be Archenemies

Based on a Yonkoma by the late Cocoa Fujiwara, The Magical Girl and the Evil Lieutenant Used to Be Archenemies. The show, which centers on the lives of Mira and Mimori—the former falling in love with her at first sight—is produced by Studio Bones.

Crunchyroll is the home of The Magical Girl And The Evil Lieutenant Used To Be Archenemies.

The Magical Girl And The Evil Lieutenant Used To Be Archenemies [PC - YouTube/avexpictures]