Kadvi Hawa Film Review


Kadvi Hawa is a film with Dark humor that will stay with you for a long time. It is a story of the burden of loan on farmers, the shameful high rate of them committing suicide to end the suffering and parents who cannot even afford two square meals for their children. This Nila Madhab Panda film narrates the tale of people who live on the periphery of the world. This film lets the newspaper headlines breakthrough our conscience and question our existence.

Kadvi Hawa is a film of the Bundelkhand village of India that has been devoid of rain for 15 years. It tells the story of a blind old man (played by Sanjai Mishra), who lives in the fear that his son, Mukund (Bhupesh Singh) will commit suicide due to a back-breaking debt.

Sanjai Mishra is in a splendid form and his performance will scare you just as intended. He perfectly blends the wisdom of an old man with the suffering of a poor farmer and the helplessness of a blind man to deliver a performance that is inarguably his best. A loan recovery agent Gunnu Babu (played by Ranvir Shorey) is his personal Yamdoot who comes to the village annually. Ranvir and Tillotama are also absolutely the perfect fit for their respective characters.

Ranvir and Sanjai enter into an impious alliance to save their families. The old man provides important information about the farmers to enable the loan recovery agent to extract maximum money from them. In exchange of this, the commission that Sanjai receives from Ranveer is credited to his son’s account. The film revolves around the deal that will either help protagonists to save their families or it will crush them altogether.

Kadvi Hawa is extremely thought provoking, especially the climax sequence, will definitely leave you with goosebumps and will make you ponder deeply.