Beiimaan Love: Poor scripting and Cinematography




Beiimaan Love could easily have been called ‘Bematlab Thakaan’: I am exhausted, for no reason other than that I chose to get back to a Sunny Leone film in the hope that she will reveal something other than sculpted body parts which move and stop, move and stop.

sunnyBoth Ek Paheli Leela and One Night Stand, where Sunny had large speaking parts, were meant to showcase her acting talents. Both failed. Beiimaan Love is not even respectable B grade. It is as C grade as it can get.

The story is essentially this — Sunaina (Sunny Leone) is a bosslike entrepreneur who is taking revenge on Raj (Rajneesh Duggal) who slept with her for a bet, and whose father humiliated her mother for having been a sex worker and bar dancer, causing her to commit suicide. By the end, Sunaina makes sure that Raj’s father’s company, where she used to work, is on the verge of bankruptcy, and we see her in a big house with guards and being driven around in a Merc.

Sunny’s real-life spouse Daniel Weber has a bit part, and this priceless line: ‘you are an uncut diamond; only I know your worth’.

This is a cringe-fest from start to finish. Stay away. And wave bye bye to Sunny: when a film sinks this low, it’s hard to climb back up again.

I’m going with One and Half out of five for Beiimaan Love.


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