Inferno: Tom Hanks and Irrfan get engulfed in a giant fireball of a film



After The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons, here comes the third movie of the series, i.e., “Inferno” which is directed by Ron Howard and is based on the novel of Dan Brown. Tom Hanks has once again portrayed the character of Robert Langdon and this time there is an Indian connection to the movie as Irrfan Khan is also a part of it.

Robert takes upon himself the duty of saving the world after the tech billionaire, who was mad about the over-population, gave his life but also created a plague before dying to decrease the population. Then the renowned and internationally acclaimed symbologist Dr. Robert Langdon who has just survived a head wound and is in a state of temporary amnesia, teams up with English doctor (Felicity Jones) and visits Florence, Venice, and Istanbul for finding the location of the killer virus. Robert takes the help of clues that he gets from the epic poem of Dante and some other art works of sixteenth century and during this course as he was trying to find the virus, he was constantly followed by some suspicious people.

Inferno is definitely more exciting and thrilling than The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons but comparing it to James Bond movies or Jason Bourne series will be unjustified. The movie does lose its pace when a romantic angle is introduced between Robert and World Health Organisation director but Tom Hanks still manages to save the movie from becoming dull with his superb performance and charm. Here we also need to thank the makers for including Irrfan Khan in the flick, as he is the one who brings the fun element. He plays the role of a head of a consulting group which is involved in some shady deals.

Irrfan has once again proved his caliber by giving a great performance which makes him stand out from the other cast. Inferno is definitely a onetime watch and even though it may not give you adrenaline rush like James Bond movies, it keeps you guessing as to how the mystery will be solved. What’s more, you just can’t miss Tom Hanks and Irrfan Khan together.

I’m going with Three and Half out of five for Inferno.


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