5 Compelling Reasons to Tune Into Prithviraj Sukumaran’s ‘The Goat Life’ This Friday, Based on a True Story


The Goat Life, directed by Blessy and starring Prithviraj Sukumaran in the lead role, is all set to release on Thursday 28th March 2024, at your nearest cinemas. Thanks to PVR INOX’s weekday movie subscription service – Passport, movie buffs can catch the first day first show of this highly anticipated movie. The movie tells the real-life story of Najeeb Muhammad (played by Prithviraj), a Malayali immigrant laborer who finds himself forced into slavery as a goatherd on a secluded farm in Saudi Arabia. If you’re still contemplating watching this film, here are five reasons why you should definitely catch this hard-hitting masterpiece this weekend.

  1. Prithviraj Sukumaran’s Chameleon Act

You’ve seen him act, you’ve seen him dance, but you’ve probably never seen him in an avatar like this before. To play the part, Prithviraj had to gain and lose weight to show Najeeb’s physical transformation on screen. He gained 98 kilograms for playing the character in the starting sequences of the film with a potbelly and had to lose weight to 67 kilograms by the end of the film, even fainting once on the set. His performance will linger in your mind even after the credits roll.

  1. Based on a True Story

The Goat Life is an adaptation of the 2008 Malayalam novel “Aadujeevitham” by Benyamin, which is based on the real-life story of Najeeb Muhammad, a Malayali immigrant laborer forced into slavery as a goatherd on a secluded farm in Saudi Arabia. The movie’s director, Blessy, wanted to adapt “Aadujeevitham” ever since he read the novel in 2008. Prithviraj was cast in the same year. It took almost 16 years for the project to come to the big screen.

  1. Blessy’s Cinematic Vision Comes to Life

Blessy creates a world of utter helplessness and terror that a man has to undergo when he’s failed by society by beautifully portraying it through The Goat Life, the greatest survival adventure drama ever made. The national film award-winning director stays true to the source material, and every scene in the movie looks straight out of a dream. Blessy’s brilliant direction and Prithviraj’s class act make this movie a must-watch for all those who believe in the resilience of the human spirit.

  1. R Rahman’s Brilliant Musical Composition

Prithviraj Sukumaran, in a recent interview, revealed that they wanted either Hans Zimmer or A.R Rahman for The Goat Life. But you can’t sideline ‘The Goat’ of Indian musical compositions himself, so A.R Rahman joined the project in 2018. The background score by Rahman elevates every scene in the film, and songs like Omane and Periyone complement the screenplay perfectly. The Malayalam and Tamil soundtracks will make you fall in love with the movie and will make you feel a part of the journey.

  1. A Visual Treat for the Eyes

Cinematographers Sunil K.S. and K.U. Mohanan create a picturesque world in The Goat Life by beautifully employing their craft of cinematography. From the deserts of Jordan to the shots from ‘God’s own country’ Kerala, the cinematographers have hit it out of the park with this one. Every scene in the movie is shot from the perspective of Najeeb; the utter helplessness, terror, isolation, and desperation can be felt thanks to the brilliant cinematic tactics and editing involved.

~ If you’re a fan of movies that celebrate the resilience of the human spirit, be sure to catch ‘The Goat Life’ this Friday at your nearest PVR INOX cinemas ~