Bollywood Star Prachi Tehlan Talks About Playing Powerful Characters

A national level sportswomen and an entertainment career spanning 3 feature films in just 1 year , Prachi Tehlan has made a virtue of playing strong characters.

The 24-year-old Bollywood star is benefiting from the industry’s increasing momentum towards casting women in more diverse and assertive roles.

“I am fortunate enough to work in the projects with strong characters of women.”

In the film “Arjan” opposite Roshan Prince releasing on 5th May 2017, I played role of a girl who is very bold, educated and intelligent. In recent film signed named as “Hard Kaur”, I am playing a character who fights back for justice and wrong done to her and her family. In my third film which is a Tamil film named as “The Door”, I will be learning martial arts and will be doing action fighting against all the odds.

I feel privileged to grab really important and wonderful roles at the very start of my career and I also have been receiving lot of appreciation even before the release”, she said.

Pain and suffering were the definitive characteristics of women, but that’s changing. Now we show how they fight back which is also becoming an alarm for the youth and a motivation to stand tall against all the hurdles. It’s a reflection of the changing times all around us as women lead the life they want to be leading.