Kamal Haasan said 83 is bigger than Avengers: Sahil Khattar

YouTube celebrity Sahil Khattar, who is playing Syed Kirmani in the film 83, got an opportunity to meet legendary actor, Kamal Haasan, when the cast and crew of the film were in Chennai for the poster launch. Sahil is still not being able to come out from his aura. Speaking on his exhilarating experience Sahil says, ”Being in the same room with Mr. Kamal Haasan was itself a great achievement. You could feel the extra energy. He is a universal hero and carries himself in a unique way. Interestingly, all the other people present in the room, including me, were so excited that I could not express my emotions.”

Sahil also shares what Kamal Haasan said on the casting of Syed Kirmani. “The moment I saw you I realized that this is probably one of the perfect castings of 83. The look is spot on. Coming from Kamal Haasan, it was a great compliment. He also gave us a great speech. He said 83 is bigger than Avengers because 83 is real life not fictional. I feel the fact that he compared 83 with Avengers is a huge compliment. Kamal Sir also said when he witnessed 83 wins he jumped up in joy and he is experiencing the same joy looking at us. He also said he is envious of us as we are part of this moment.” Speaking of Kamal Haasan’s favorite film, Sahil says,” There are many films which are great but my all-time favorite is Sadma. The climax of Sadma is very close to my heart and whenever I have watched it I have always cried. This kind of climax and performance is rare and it has had a great impact on my mind.”