Madhuri Murli to release new single Pehchaan


San Francisco-based singer, composer, writer, lyricist, choreographer and philanthropist Madhuri Murli is all set to release her new music single Pehchaan, recorded at Audio Garage, Juhu, on her recent trip to Mumbai.

Madhuri describes Pehchaan as a song “about accepting who you are, being your own best friend, and a cheerleader for your dreams and aspirations. It’s about falling in love with your own self.” The lady also plans to come out with an enchanting video of the song and promises it “will touch chords in people’s hearts.”

What’s more! While in Mumbai Madhuri had her first-ever gig at Adagio in Bandra, where she sang some of her original compositions like Tera Khuda and Khushi, apart from mashups of some famous Bollywood numbers such as Teri Deewani (Kailash Kher) and Nachdi Phira (Secret Superstar) to a mesmerized cheering audience.

It is interesting to mention here that apart from her passion for performing arts, Madhuri is a computer science engineer by degree and a product marketing manager by profession at a tech company in Silicon Valley.

She has come a long way and not many have known about her journey. Her dad was an aspiring singer, but she lost him early in life to an accident. Heartbroken, but gritty — as a tribute to her dad — Madhuri finally launched a philanthropic music and dance brand called Flute Theory in California. Taking to live singing and performing, she slowly but steadily formed her own dance group and began singing and performing.

Today, Flute Theory partners with NGOs and donates most of the earnings from its shows to noble causes such as upliftment of underprivileged children, empowering women, relief funds, cancer associations, and even donating to the families of Indian martyrs via the Indian government’s initiative India’s Bravehearts (Bharat Ke Veer). Must say, these are huge strides which began with small steps from a daughter out to make her father feel proud. Attagirl!