Pop-hit ‘Prada’ a copy of Pak hit: Pak media


Based on the life of Alia Bhatt, a music video of the new pop hit “Prada”, was released recently by the duo ‘The Doorbeen’. The video starred Bollywood superstar Alia Bhatt herself.

In some time of the release, though the song got much appreciation and love by fans, the song’s creators are being alleged of plagiarism by the Pakistani media.

According to “tribune.com.pk”, the tune of “Prada” is the same as that of a song nineties song, “Goray rung ka zamana”, which was composed by the Pakistani band, Vital Signs.

The lyrics for “Goray rung ka zamana” were written by Shoaib Mansoor and the song was released as part of the album, “Vital Signs Volume 1”.

The song “Prada”, which was released on August 12 became a blockbuster in no time. It has garnered over 21 million views on YouTube till now.

Comparing “Prada” to “Goray rung ka zamana”, a social media user wrote on the comments section of the music video: “Major rip off from the Org… Without even giving credits having no shame at all.”

Another wrote: “Copy of ‘Goray rang ka zamana’ of Vital signs.”

A user asked for credits: “Thanks for copying vital signs. At the very least you could have given credit!”