T-Series Stage Works academy of film music and performing arts


The T-Series StageWorks Academy is an initiative designed to identify, nurture and create a pool of immensely skillful and passionate professionals who can match national and global demands. Carrying the ag of Sh. Gulshan Kumar, Founder of T-Series, the Academy has been formed with a commitment to foster creativity and talent by offering structured courses in the elds of Film, Music, Dance, and Performing and Media arts. T-Series Stage Works is led by head honcho Mr. Bhushan Kumar, leading bollywood singer Ms. Tulsi Kumar and her husband Mr. Hitesh Ralhan to establish and operate this noble cause.

Here is a brief of conversation with Tulsi Kumar.

Inspiration behind T-Series Stage Works Academy

Tulsi KumarMy father always believed in making the superstars of tomorrow. Carrying his dream and legacy of producing great talent further, I have started the ‘T-Series Stage Works academy of film music and performing arts with my husband Hitesh Ralhan. This academy finds all the talented people who need to be further honed and give them that podium to showcase it. We offer courses in singing, acting, modelling and dance.

We have brought together an amazing faculty team of experienced teachers and course directors from Bollywood industry itself and some of the heavy weight names are Sonu Nigam, Shaan who are the course directors in singing. Then we have Dino Morea for modeling courses, Ahmed Khan who is the director of the dance course and Sharman Joshi who is the course director of acting. With this we hope to give these people a great chance to hone themselves and all genuinely talented stands a chance to audition for various Bollywood projects. We wish to provide the industry with the best talent with this initiative.


Your role

I am the director at the T-Series Stage Works academy and look into the administrative side of the academy. I have a one-on-one interactions with the students of the academy and it gives me great pleasure to be a part of this. I really enjoy knowing all the students personally and it also helps me widen my knowledge parameters with their view points. I am glad that we have managed to get the best faculty members, and veterans from the Bollywood industry and apart from these celebrities we also do have professionals counseling and teaching the students  like Swaroopa Ghosh, Kshitij Mathur, Tarun Saagar and Prasun Mukherjee to name a few in their respective fields.


This academy is an extension of my father Shri Gulshan Kumar’s dream that is being taken forward by me and I have full support of my husband Hitesh Ralhan who actively takes part in the various decisions of the academy. Along with blessings of my mother Sudesh Kumariji.


image3I have grown up learning music from various institutes and various tutors but what I wanted to offer through this academy to the students was a complete experience of the field they are getting training in. We at T-Series Stage Works academy see to it that these students get one-on-one interaction with the course directors provided by us. With this the students get the right exposure, practical knowledge and an additional touch to their learning. So with these interactions and workshops held with renowned Bollywood celebrities, we wish to help them to understand their field more. For eg. We give the students an opportunity to record music live within the studio on a minus one track with the guidance of the singers we have on board just like the way how it’s done in playback singing. They also get a chance to visit recording studios in Mumbai and interact with renowned music directors and depending on how capable they are they do stand a chance to audition for certain projects.

For updates, inquiries or more information please visit www.tseriesstageworks.com