“Newton”- a complete package of entertainment



Movie “Newton” has been released on the box office. The movie starring Rajkumar Rao will entertain you throughout with its effective story, dialogues, acting and songs.

The movie revolves around the character “Newton” who is shown as role model of loyalty, sincerity and truthfulness. He is ready to do anything and everything to fulfill his duty.

Newton is assigned the duty to conduct elections in the conflict ridden jungles of Chattisgarh, which is under the control of Naxals.The story revolves around the efforts shown by Newton to motivate people to come out of their houses and cast their vote in order to choose their representative. The challenges are faced bravely by the character. But was he able to conduct the elections successfully?

The acting in the movie by Rajkumar Rao is mesmerizing. He took the role of Newton to the other level. Other characters including, Pankaj Tripathi, Anjali Patil, Raghubir Yadav supported the movie throughout.  Pankaj Tripathi as Atma singh is shown completely opposite of Newtons character. He is a man with no passion to fulfill his duty. He is dishonest, corrupt and looks for shortcuts in every task assigned to him. It would be interesting to see the clash of Atma singh with Newton in movie.

Although screenplay could have been much better than the existing one, the theme and the dialogues written will bring tears in your eyes out of laughter in many of the scenes. . . Writer-director Amit Masurkar and MayankTewari have painfully captured the people of an obscure jungle that’s far-flung from civilization.

The movie is of comedy genre. There are a few characters especially casted for making the audience laugh. As a matter of fact they are able to bring laughter at many places. In addition to it the movie could be an inspiration for many. It will motivate you and can give you a social message that is hard to forget.

Overall you will not be doing a mistake buying tickets of Newton for you and your family. The movie will entertain you throughout. It will surely give you an idea of what a good movie looks like.