PadMan: Excellent way to spread the social awareness with a perfect blend of sublime acting skills!


The movie Padman is a real life story of a man named Arunachalam Muruganantham who loves his wife very much. He is very conscious about his wife’s menstrual hygiene. Lakshmi do not want Gayatri to use the ditch cloth and urged her to use the sanitary napkins in its place. But Gayatri refused the proposal as it was very costly for the family to afford .The man did not lost his hope and continued making efforts by preparing handmade sanitary napkins which ultimately failed . Lakshmi continue to fight against the taboo and the old age beliefs of people around But was he successful in doing so?

The man whom everyone considered mad was the one who brought a major change in the society .Directed by R. Balki; the movie is shot in Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh. The movie is based on a social entrepreneur from Coimbatore who invented a sanitary napkin machine which can manufacture sanitary napkins at a very low cost.

The movie highlights the statistics pertaining to the inadequate percentage of women who use pads in India. The movie seems like more of a public service advertisement. Many things in the movie are over explained due to whom it becomes dull and boring .However, there are scenes like “how awkward a woman feels while buying a sanitary napkin from a shop “will add to the storyline.

There are a number of scenes in the movie where the performance of Akshay Kumar seems quite flawless. It is very difficult to entertain, spread awareness and sensitize people about the issue, all at one go.

The movie highlights why the superhero Akshay Kumar continues to be underrated in the Bollywood industry. From wearing a pink ladies underwear to wearing a pad just to prove his product appropriate , showcase the will and dedication of the actor towards his role . Radhika apte on the other hand play her character beautifully. She is successful in reflecting the deprived condition of the women in the Indian society and the taboo’s prevailing in India. The third important character in the movie is played by Sonam Kapoor.  She makes her presence felt in Padman.

Balki is known for making the empowering movies that will give you wings despite the odds. Continuing the trend, he made the movie Padman which encourages women to take the safety measures during their periods and do not take it for granted.