Aladdin: Your very own magical ride to childhood

Who doesn’t remember the good old days of Aladdin and Jasmine? Now that they are back in a non animated format, the audience couldn’t feel any better for its real life action! A local thief (Mena Massoud), from the kingdom of Agrabah, begins to look all starry eyed at its princess – Jasmine (Naomi Scott) – and chooses to go after her, but the evil Grand Vizier Jafar (Marwan Kenzari) and the counselor to the Sultan (Navid Negahban) set forward this condition – Aladdin must present to him the otherworldly magic lamp and its Genie (Will Smith) that grants three wishes. The story of Aladdin and the Genie is known to everyone and this real life adaptation of Disney’s vivified series by the similar name, which has initially deified this incredible story, is no exemption to that marvel. The perfect matching of Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott works and is an unforeseen pleasure as the pair share a stunning chemistry on screen. Will Smith, the Genie, is the awesome character that tickles the funny bones to the core; However at some point one may not be able to compare it to that of Robin Williams’ performance in 1992 movie version. Jafar – the wrathful villain – is so bad in the movie that his character comes to be one of the bests in the movie. All pats on the head to chief director Ritchie for completely bringing out the this voracity filled character out, which eventually makes you wonder – who’s the sinner and who has been sinned against. Be that as it may, at times the audience might feel some deliberately imposed musical performances as fill ups in the movie as it takes it course. In spite of its greatness and overwhelming cinematography-, at two hours and eight minutes – the film begins to feel bit of a drag. The energy, at which the film moves, is one more issue that can’t be neglected – every one of the characters are given abundant time and regard to set up their base, while the end is enveloped with a tearing rush. Children born during the 90s, who have watched the animation variant of this story, will find ‘Aladdin’ a bit too different in the beginning, but will end up liking the movie for bringing back the childhood movies.