Skyscrapers: Dwayne Johnson climbing up the tower of expectations but with an unruly pace

Dwayne Johnson very magnificently pulls off the role of a man, who needs to protect his family from the dangerous threats that await them.

The life-saviour stuck in the tallest building of the world, does it all to protect his family from the possible dangers and comes out to be heroic enough.. Johnson’s Will Sawyer isn’t excessively confounded – he is a soldier who has been consigned to a security work after a fizzled mission costs him his leg. In any case, he needs to take advantage of his military training when his family is put in danger when they get caught on the planet’s tallest building in Hong Kong. All Sawyer thinks about is sparing his significant other and children, while going up against the bad guys. Indeed, even the scoundrels are your standard East-European hired fighters whose only motive is cash. They aren’t precisely debilitating and are a long way from noteworthy. One can really see such mind boggling action scenes with things breaking and breaking, but yes most of them will keep you hooked. But yes on the other end, one could also feel, Skyscraper does make for the equivalent of a Bollywood masala film where you leave the logic tightly locked away but also wheeze that nervous breath when the indestructible hero stumbles.

In spite of all these different perspectives, the film falls smack down the center of ‘you get what you paid for’ territory. This enables you to drive logic out of the building (play on words planned) and enjoy the ruckus as it unfurls. Johnson and Neve Campbell, as Sawyer’s wife, Sarah, have abundant experience to keep their performances sufficiently rooted without being batty. All things considered, this one may be worth investing your time and money, especially when you see the mind boggling stunts by Dwayne AKA ‘The Rock’.