PM Narendra Modi: The script leaves a great deal of questions unanswered

A biopic that will draw in you, regardless of your own perspectives, while a story that uplifts the image, worships the hero and whitewashes contentions is something that you will slurp up on the off chance that you are a believer, and reject on the off chance if you aren’t. This one falls in the latter. Despite the fact that the release of this film was delayed by the Election Commission till the elections were finished, the timing is as yet well-suited since it matches with a pounding triumph for the PM. Notwithstanding the mother-child bond that is perfectly depicted by Zarina Wahab and Vivek, this truly pulls at your heartstrings. But the focus on the self discovery of this character is what adds more to the movie storyline. Be it the Gujarat riots or other controversies that are conveniently blamed on a third party and the fourth pillar (‘corrupt conniving businessman and bikau journalists’), the story emphasizes what has just been told and scarcely exposes what’s underneath. This rules out counterargument, exchange of dialogues or discussion, which, in a perfect world a film of this nature ought to support. What you get rather is an uneven ensemble show that comes nearer to purposeful publicity than to an account. Indeed, even the background score is embarrassingly manipulative. Vivek has dependably been a promising on-screen character and he doesn’t just copy Modi, which works. He gets the characteristics, highlight and tone right and fortunately doesn’t try too hard. Regardless of whether you believe or not, in the political way of thinking of Narendra Modi is secondary, as a film, this one is too lopsided for you to appreciate. It leaves a great deal unanswered. While it immovably trusts ‘Modi ek insaan nahi, soch hai’, and all it leaves us with the script being not so strong but mythical instead.