Satyameva Jayate: John’s spine chiller movie with a gory theme

‘Satyameva Jayate’ (SMJ) is a spine chiller that shows the story of a common man who battles corruption in the most gruesome ways. The film begins off with Veer (John Abraham) burning a cop alive. It sets the tone for whatever remains of the film, which over a course of 2 hours and 20 minutes, shows Veer’s hatred towards corruption. .

Backstory of the seeker (Abraham), as a child compelled to see his legitimate policeman father being dogged and mortified? A ‘Deewar’- like strand, with the ‘great’ sibling (Bajpayee) on his trail, clashed, yet consistent with his vow as a policeman? There’s so much gut that even people with a strong heart might jump, and there’s something totally unwarranted about characters being made to mouth loud lines against individuals taking the law in their hands, and afterward indicating people being tortured and beaten; The film considers its objective important surely as the audience is shown piles of wood, lamp oil jars and matchsticks, and burning human flesh, again and again and over once more. What’s more, once more, just in the event that we’d overlooked.

Apart from this, his ace act as the fiercely determined and honest cop adds credibility to the film. Debutante, Aisha Sharma, has a confident screen presence, with a little more work on diction, she could do much better. But yes, the film is a go-to watch for all the right reasons – the action scenes, stunts and sublime acting skills of the actors makes it worth.