Saaho: Only an ‘action’ film


We know how long have everyone waited for Prabhas’ debut in Bollywood. Since the makers of Saaho revealed the cast of the film, we were all so happy and thrilled to see something new.

The film, which is action, drama, and more action and drama, will take you in a zigzag way, roller coasters, unnecessary drama, before it actually comes to a point.

Having been told India’s biggest action thriller, ‘Saaho’ gets into the action mode pretty much from the beginning. The film starts with wide shots of huge structures and some men, who mean serious business. The film written and directed by Sujeeth, with its first half, narrates the story of cities further connecting with robberies in Mumbai and the search of a missing black box that is the key to a fortune.

With all the South Indian effect, Prabhas makes the much-awaited entry along with a loud fight scene. With his screen presence, the actor seems like a perfect fit in the role. But, if anyone is thinking about his ‘Baahubali’ side, then his avatar in this one is very different. The dialogue delivery feels like it is deliberately slow, and the way his character comes into the picture, unfolding the layers one by one, that is interesting to watch.

Shraddha Kapoor, as usual, steals the show with her looks but does not have a good character. Being introduced as a tough cop who talks tough, she in no time translates into a soft person, who in need to be saved than she saving the world. It can be easily pointed out that even the chemistry between the duo is missing. Among the many villains this film has, Chunky Pandey (Devraj) gives a commendable performance.

Also, for the cons, songs are even unnecessarily added in the storyline, contributing to a long runtime. The attempts to add humour fails.

Overall, ‘Saaho’ is only a sequence of actions, which might keep you thrilled about what is next, but you will end up in disappointment many times.