“Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana” strikes the social evils with love and drama



The upcoming movie-Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana starred by Rajkumar Rao and Kirti Karbananda is full of desired elements-romance, drama, revenge and of course songs. It also aims to shot down the social evils like dowry, sexism and corruption.

The story covers a love story. Two families in Kanpur are arranging a match for their children and force Satyendra Mishra, a clerk in govt. office, to meet Aarti Sharma, the college topper. Satyendra is a little ambitious and Aarti wishes to be an IAS officer. None of them wants to be a part of marriage yet but they fell off upon finding common interests and values.

With some folds and twists, story covers revenge but end up eventually as a love story. This is a story by Ratna and it commends on the illegal practice of dowry system still followed on in India. The groom’s family demands with the words of Satyendra being the one and only inherent of the property. Aarti’s father sells his inherited land to provide her daughter the most favorable condition after marriage.

Once again, the mother-in-law here has a very negative attitude. She in the name of tradition and family culture, compels Aarti for not working out with any job after marriage. She comments, “Ab ghar sambhalne ko hi IAS ki naukri samjh lena.”

The work of Rajkumar is remarkable. He impressively transformed from a charmed lover to a man who doesn’t believes in love and isn’t inflicted by it anymore. He makes the spectators hate, love and pity him all in the same stroke. On the other hand, Kirti’s work is appreciable too.

The characters in the film are in contrast with each other. All of them have worked well to bring out the virtual truth of a small town family on the big-screen.