Simran Movie Review



Kangana Ranaut’s movie “Simran” is the story of a 30 years old divorcee named Praful Patel who stays with her parents in Atlanta and works as a housekeeper in the hotel industry. Praful desperately wants to have an own house while her parents have only one wish and that is to get their daughter married once again.

After an argument with her parents, she visits her rich cousin in Las Vegas and get addicted to gambling. She not only loses a pretty good amount of her savings but also becomes a debtor to a money lender. And then she enters the world of crime by robbing a bank and mess of her life gets messier.


Don’t expect “Queen” from “Simran” but still Kangana makes it worth a onetime watch. She beautifully portrays the character of a single lady who has her own individuality. She loves to have fun and adventure and doesn’t mind committing crime if necessary.

The difficulty with “Simran” is that it lacks the pace of a movie and seems like a discussion between friends having drinks. It also lacks the presence of any other star in the movie other than Kangana because characters of Praful’s parents and her boyfriend have not been developed in a proper manner.

“Simran” will entertain you in pieces but still it can be watched for Kangana.