I have no problem portraying love or lust on screen: Ira Sone

For actor Ira Sone, playing bold scenes is not an issue at all. The actor says that if the script justifies these scenes, she has no qualms playing them. “I’d take up a show which has bold content if the script is challenging. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m absolutely okay to portray love or lust which are human emotions, just like anger or jealousy or rage,” she says.

She adds, “Television is a global medium now. As an artist, if I’m okay to portray anger or jealousy then why should be reluctant to portray love or lust (skin show). These are human emotions and as an artist, I’m absolutely okay to play such emotions.”

Meanwhile, the actor says that she never let anything like competition deter her. “The industry has always been competitive, the important point is to understand that the competition is not with anyone else but yourself, to be a better artist every day, to bring the best of you on set every day,” she says.