Thor Ragnarok Movie Review



When it comes to Marvel properties, the third one has been the most charming of all. Each hero starts with a carefully designed plot, then let loose and go off reckless around.

”It probably is the most outrageously fun film Marvel has yet produced”

Taika Waititi has been the most unorthodox director hired up till today. She has done extraordinary work pushing the movie towards humour and absurdity. Out of the 17 movies out by Marvel so far, this one is a comedy packed movie unlike the other who were dependent on the superlative action fights.

The prologue starts with a dangling Thor with Loki frequently interrupts demon Sutur’s gloating tone. The movie experiences extreme genocide, slavery and the literal end of the days. Still, with Waititi’s touch, there was a priceless reaction to the sight of Hulk’s giant green penis.

In the movie, Thor is trapped and delivered into the custody of Grandmaster. He is forced into gladiatorial service alongside Hulk, who delivered a knockout combination in a fight with his former colleague.

Ragnarok’s humour is extreme. There are jokes, puns, pratfalls, at every turn which created heavy belly laughs. Waititi claims that the champion will have a big share in the killer lines.

There still seems to be a weak-link in the line-up and it is Blanchet’s Hela. She has been outshined by Ragnarok’s other major new character, Tessa Thompson’s surly Valkyrie. Being important to the plot, Hela’s scenes are an unwelcomed distraction leaving us to return to the Thunder God’s side.

The film manages to pack fire demons, zombies, a giant wolf, a dragon, a goddess of death and the Sorcerer Supreme and it all seems a bit out of the woods and short-changed.

The movie doesn’t carries elements of reality at all but still with one’s personal risk, it is enjoyable and the most outrageous comedies of the year for sure.