‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ Trailer is Out


The Abbas Zafar directed continual sequence of ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ is gaining popularity these days. The trailer was launched by Yash Raj Films on YouTube and so far it has claimed over 5 lakh views. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif could be seen indulged in intense fight scenes for they have trained worthily for it.

Salman Khan is generally known for his sturdy physique and macho personality while Katrina is admired for her well-toned body. The cast team have put in extra efforts to present the action-packed scenes well on screen. Also, Salman has learned the art of horse-riding with a Spanish stallion for his role. Recently, Katrina Kaif shared a video, where she was training with Alia Bhatt and sweating out in the gym.

It is believed that Salman Khan is a fitness freak too. He struggled to maintain his routine between the movie shoots and filming of Bigg Boss 11, but still he remarked that his fitness schedule wasn’t hindered by any of the on-screen events. He shared pics of his cabin-cum-gym at the Bigg Boss sets, which comes out fully equipped with machines and weight training purposes. On the other hand, Katrina was found pulling out sets of pushups during the movie shoot.

Often the lead actors share their daily routines and scrummy-yummy treats. In an interview last year, Salman Khan revealed his diet chart and some favorites, “I cycle, swim, go to the gym, eat the right kind of food, sleep late at night, as I don’t get sleep easily. The kind of food you eat is as important as your workout. I like leading a healthy lifestyle, and avoid processed food. My all-time favorite is Yellow Dal cooked by my mom. Other favorites are rajma, chawal, and roti, very simple food. As far as my diet is concerned, for breakfast, I eat 4 egg whites. Post workout, it is a protein bar, oats, almonds and three egg-whites. Lunch is largely meat, fried fish and lots of fruits. Dinner could be anything-chicken, fish, vegetable, or soup.” Salman generally shares his fitness secrets and photos on his official app ‘BeinginTouch’.

The celebrity fitness expert shared that Katrina Kaif is completely honest with her diet. She eats oats for breakfast, a mid-morning snack of fruit, veggies and fish for lunch, a sandwich in the evening and soup and egg whites for dinner, and that’s all.

These film stars seem to have worked extremely hard to fit in their on-screen roles in “Tiger Zinda Hai.” For now, the movie is set to be released by this Christmas.