Trailer Of ‘Hindi Medium’ Is Bang-On In Depicting India’s Obsession With English


Trailer of Hindi Medium depicts the difficulties parents face in order to make their kids ‘fit’ into the English ‘class’. watch Irrfan Khan as he eats up the scenery in this hilarious trailer.

If someone gets past your looks, they would probably judge you for not being fluent in English language. We, Indians, judge one’s intellect on the basis of the language they speak for some reason. And if you speak English, you are considered totally elite.

Irrfan Khan’s upcoming film, Hindi Medium, deals with society’s pressure, to educate child in a hi-fi English medium school so that can save the child from life-long embarrassment. With Pakistani TV actress Saba Qamar and the very talented Deepak Dobriyal, this film looks like a hilarious take on the hypocritical society that we live in.

And the trailer is to top it all, the trailer features every 90s kid’s favourite dance number, Ishq Tera Tadpave by Sukhbir.

Watch the trailer here: