Amanda Jean: Red Hot Beauty with Humor & Love

Amanda Jean is an actress, known for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (2016), House of Food (2014) and Dating the Industry.

A sexy, rebellious package of red, hot, inked fire, Amanda Jean is the tattooed spark plug on MTV’s House of Food. Former Inked intern (yup!), tattoo model, designer and now, perhaps, an aspiring chef describes herself as a free spirit and “awkwardly flawless.” While she has been modeling for seven years, with pictures portraying a sexual, outgoing and sometimes wacky side to her, Jean’s new goal is to open her own high-end rock and roll themed restaurant. Hopefully House of Food can kick start her dream.

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Excerpt from an interaction with Amanda Jean.

What did you find more enthralling. Modelling or cooking?

Amanda: I love modelling and it’s always trilling for me but being about to do a tv show for two and a half months was the most thrilling.

From Designer to Modelling, Stylist and a Cook. What more talent is to be exposed from your side?

Amanda: I recently have been on tour with my best friends band selling Merch for them. While I have been out I have been do live Facebook interviews with all the other bands we come across. I want to get into radio and by me doing it this way I get to give my following a raw behind the scenes insight or the band and tour life. I also love to sing and have been working on my own stuff on the side.

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You have been published in many international magazines, do you think you have achieved what you dreamed to achieve?

Amanda: I never feel like I have achieved what I have dreamed to achieve because I am always thriving to be better and accomplish more. But I am so completely thankful for where I am and what I’ve had the pleasure to do in my life.

What is your perception regarding fitness?

Amanda: I use to work at a dojo and was into working out doing heavy lifting but I’ve been slacking on it since I’ve been out on tour.

What about you personally? Do you ever feel like you’ve been judged unfairly because of what you do?

Amanda: With being in the alternative world that I’m trying to break out of I feel like I am not taken seriously by the provocative photos I take some times. People don’t realize I am a smart girl. I went to College and graduated with a 3.8 I had to grow up at a young age and while doing that I learned how to turn what I had into something I wanted to achieve in the future. My life is like a game of chess I’m always two steps ahead looking at where I want to be not where I am.

Do you dare to share your bad habits?

Amanda: My bad habits is I tend to be very callable and that can work agents me. I also over think things and need to learn patients.

Is there something you regret doing in your life?

Amanda: For the most part no. But at times things I have don’t come back to bit me in the ass. In those moments I tend to regret my past decisions for the moment.

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What are the perks of dating you?

Amanda: Maybe you should ask my boyfriend that haha. But on a read note I want everything out of life, both sides of life….. The career and the house husband and kids. I love cooking for my man/family I love seeing and making thing/fixing anything my man may need, cleaning but not so much deep cleaning hahaha, and I love doing anything I can to put a smile on his face. Doing cute things for him from time to time just to make sure he knows I love and care about him makes me happy as well and can be fun when you get creative.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Amanda: OMG! I have no clue. I use to drink heavily and did a lot of crazy things but I am now sober. But maybe taking would be on the top of the list Iv done it about 4 times. Twice in NYC and twice in Hollywood.

What turns you on?

Amanda: My man. Those are secrets between me and him ?

If you had just one wish, what would it be?

Amanda: Eternal love and happiness! Because my happiness always seems to change so I can’t pick one thing haha.