Exclusive Interview With Actress Darcy Donavan – Part 1

Darcy Donavan is an American born actress and recording artist with a German, Italian and Brazilian ancestry. Born in Miami, Florida and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Darcy began her career in the entertainment industry as a child actor and starred in number of national television commercials at a very young age.

Excerpt from an interaction with Darcy. Part 1.

What are you most passionate about?

Darcy: I’m passionate about a lot of things. Pretty much anything that I choose to do, I will put my heart into it and be passionate about! ❤  (Such as my music and my acting career.) What l am most passionate about would be a hard question to answer. I am passionate about life in general.

Some of the things that I love dearly are the Charities that I work with, especially the animal charities. I also love to inspire others with my daily messages on my social media and am passionate about my fans who inspire me every day and are like my little family.

I am also very passionate about food. Can’t leave that one out! Yep, I love my food. Lol
(lol means laugh out loud for all of you who don’t know).

Are you also a bathroom singer?

Darcy: Yes I am definitely a bathroom singer. LOL (That’s a great question by the way.) I do a mean Mick Jagger in the shower. Too bad I don’t have a Coliseum of people to watch me because it would be quite a show! Lol lol. ? ? ?

Do you consider the destiny as a major player in making you what you are or was it your passion that drove you here? 

Darcy: Well let’s just say if destiny was a person I’d like to kick them in the ass! LOL LOL It was definitely my passion that drove me to where I’m at. I had a lot of obstacles in my way and it was my passion, tenacity and unrelenting drive that got me to where I am today. No one ever handed me anything and I had to go out and work my fingers to the bone for everything that I ever had.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Darcy: Well, I would have to say skydiving was one of craziest things that I have done. I didn’t tell my mom because she would have been really upset with me and wouldn’t have wanted me to do it… but I did it anyway! Then I called her afterwards and told her and she was just happy that I didn’t die. LOL. ? ?

I always like to try something that I’ve never done and sometimes people think that’s crazy. You only have one life to live so why not enjoy it to the fullest. ?

Exclusive interview with @darcydonavan – Part 1

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You are multi-talented person, a singer, actress and dancer. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?

Darcy: Well one of the new things that I’m definitely doing is writing books. I really like being a storyteller, whether that is through my music, acting or even as an author, I love to share my world and experience with others around me.

I feel like no matter what kind of God gifted talent you were born with or what your profession is, you can always get better and do other things and pursue other avenues as you get older and wiser. I’m right now working on several books and screenplays and I’ve already got a lot of major studios that have expressed interest in wanting to produce them.

What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of?

Darcy: That is hard to say, because I’m a type A personality, meaning that no matter what I do, I always want to top it.

To me, each year is a new chapter in my life. I am proud of the accomplishments that I have achieved, since they got me to where I’m at.  I feel like I can’t just put a milestone on one accomplishment, because that wouldn’t be fair to everything else that I’ve done.

I will say though, that I’m really proud of the books that are getting done and the screenplay that I created. It is a hilarious comedic script that I’m working on with some great A-list actors. I co-wrote it with a friend of mine and I’m excited to be moving forward with the project as an executive producer on it as well. ?

What are the perks of dating you?

Darcy: Now that is an interesting question, LOL LOL I’m a damn good cook and I’m definitely funny.So you get a comedian that cooks extremely well (and I don’t look too bad in a little black dress with some high heels.

What’s turns you on?

Darcy: What really turns me on is food! Lol

I love food!!! lol That to me is a big turn-on ,delicious food, and honestly somebody that smells really good.

I have a nose like a bloodhound. So when somebody has minty fresh breath and they smell really great because of wearing some good cologne (Oh My God) that is such a turn-on to me.

I also love it when a man dresses in a really nice business suit and he looks really debonair and well-kept together. There’s something about that, which really turns me on. I also love it when a guy can kiss really well that is a big turn-on too. Man it’s getting hot in here, I think I’m going to have go. LOL.

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