4 overwhelming moments from Jin’s unique hug event post military discharge

Jin organized a unique hug event called Jin’s Greetings as a part of the 2024 FESTA celebrations.


BTS’s Jin made a touching comeback to meet fans face-to-face on June 13, 2024, marking the first time since his military discharge.

The celebrity wore a cardboard billboard with the words “hug me” and an image of himself around his neck. One by one, fans hurried onto the stage to give him hugs, creating happy and touching moments for everyone. Let’s explore some highlights.

BTS’ Jin adorable moment with a fanboy

A fanboy’s hug at the event drew attention to BTS’s Jin. Jin gave the fan a big smile and a cheeky wave as soon as he saw the fanboy getting closer. Jin patted him on the back multiple times as he embraced the ARMY, not differentiating himself from the rest of the group.

Mom’s betrayal  


Sourced from XFurther mentioning on X, the fan wrote, “DONT EVER MAKE YOUR MOM ARMY WHO THE F MADE HER ARMY YOU WILL GET BETRAYED I NEED TO FIGHT WITH HER FOR 2025 world tour”.

Jin was really happy with the event, but he was a little disappointed that he could not give more fans hugs. He said he hoped to plan more events along these lines in the future. One ARMY, however, had an unexpected encounter when they were at home and saw their own mother embrace Jin on screen.

Their mother didn’t answer the phone when they called her multiple times. The ARMY was shocked by her message when she eventually replied. Funny enough, her mother told her to concentrate on her studies rather than talking about the surprise sighting. She left her child stunned by the funny remark and promised to call back later.

Jin being morally upright

Jin was praised in advance for his inclusive approach to event organization. He made sure those who couldn’t bear hugs for moral or religious reasons could nevertheless shake hands. During the occasion, one fan chose to shake hands with Jin, demonstrating this considerate gesture. The idol gave the fan the same amount of time and attention regardless of the mode of communication.

The ultimate flying kiss

Jin thrilled the crowd with his trademark flying hand kiss, his first since serving in the armed forces. Jin has gained the adorable moniker Flying Kiss Guy among ARMYs thanks to his penchant for blowing kisses to fans. Fans wept, cried, and swooned with delight as they saw this treasured moment for the first time since his homecoming.