9 thrilling films and TV shows ft. Shriya Pilgaonkar which keeps you hooked throughout

The viewers has enjoyed every one of Shriya Pilgaonkar’s films and TV series, whether they are suspenseful thrillers or lighthearted comedies.


Shriya Pilgaonkar has made a name for herself in the Indian entertainment sector right from OTT to films. Here are some of her greatest works which are binge-worthy.

1. Mirzapur: Amazon Prime Video

Mirzapur cast: Why did Shriya Pilgaonkar leave Mirzapur as Sweety Gupta? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV | Express.co.uk

Shriya played a determined young woman in the gritty criminal thriller Mirzapur, which is set in rural India. She stands out among the ensemble cast because to her portrayal of Sweety Gupta, which offers a welcome blend of strength and innocence. Shriya’s portrayal of a character who dreams high despite the repressive circumstances makes Mirzapur worth watching.

2. Fan: Amazon Prime Video

Shriya Pilgaonkar says she 'feels very bad about friendzoning' Shah Rukh Khan in Fan, how the film's failure impacted her: 'Could it get any bigger?' | Web-series News - The Indian Express

Shah Rukh Khan’s character Aryan Khanna’s close buddy Neha is played by Pilgaonkar in the film Fan. In this psychological thriller, Shriya captivates the audience with her effortless acting.

3. Guilty Minds: Amazon Prime Video

Shriya Pilgaonkar on getting genuine validation from lawyers who saw 'Guilty Minds'

In the courtroom drama series Guilty Minds, Shriya portrays Kashaf Quaze, a morally upright attorney who strives for justice. Her on-screen persona combines strength and empathy, and her riveting performance makes

4. Crackdown: Voot and Jio Cinema

Shriya Pilgaonkar on her latest thriller Crackdown, and how Mirazpur's success changed the momentum of her career – Firstpost

Pilgaonkar portrays intelligence officer Divya Shirodkar in this spy thriller. She plays the part with grace, balancing hardness and tenderness just so. The audience is kept on the edge of their seats by Shriya’s deft acting nuances in situations with high stakes.

5. Beecham House: Netflix

Shriya Pilgaonkar Opens Up on Gurinder Chadha's Beecham House | Filme Shilmy

The historical drama Beecham House is set in India in the eighteenth century. The storyline depends heavily on Shriya’s portrayal of Chanchal, a devoted and vivacious caregiver, and she certainly does it well. Check it out soon if you’re interested in historical fiction; it’s a great deal.

6. House Arrest: Netflix

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In the peculiar comedy House Arrest, a guy decides to cut himself off from society. Shriya Pilgaonkar portrays Saira, a journalist who offers the main character a fresh viewpoint. Seeing her in it is nothing short of delightful because of the impactful yet lighthearted performance she offers.

7. 13 Mussoorie: Jio Cinema

Shriya Pilgaonkar receives a sweet surprise on the sets of 13 Mussoorie! | IWMBuzz

As Aditi Bisht, a journalist tasked with looking for a serial killer, the thrill begins in 13 Mussoorie. Her portrayal holds viewers’ attention throughout the entire show.

8. The Gone Game: Voot

IndyaTalks: 'The Gone Game Review - 4 Stars | Fresh Story keeps you guessing with Thrilling Climax

In the suspenseful drama The Gone Game, which takes place during the COVID-19 lockdown, Shriya takes on Suhani Gujral’s role as she deals with her brother’s abduction. Her portrayal of the paranoia and fear of the epidemic is so intensely felt that it is undoubtedly worth watching.

9. Ishq-e-Nadaan: JioCinema

Shriya Pilgaonkar awaits release of 'Ishq-e-nadaan', wraps up schedule of 'The Broken News 2'-Telangana Today

vIn the romance drama Ishq-e-Nadaan, multiple people’ lives are interwoven as they negotiate relationships and love in a busy city. Ramona, portrayed by Shriya Pilgaonkar, is a sympathetic and realistic heroine. Those who appreciate complex character arcs and multi-layered love stories would find watching Shriya in Ishq-e-Nadaan to be quite enjoyable.