ACE teaser ft. Vijay Sethupathi: Crime comedy enriched with twists and turns

The minute and sixteen-second ACE title teaser gave information about the main cast and crew of the movie in addition to showcasing Vijay Sethupathi in an ultra-cool manner.


It’s time for Vijay Sethupathi to introduce ACE, his upcoming movie. It is especially noteworthy to honor the film since it is the actor’s 51st cinematic endeavor.

For the film, which Aarumugakumar visualised the utimate scene to highlight the actor’s charm, through an intriguing and enticing title teaser. Additionally, Jawan’s trailer features the actor in a gambling scene, suggesting that the movie would likely feature high risk gaming.

The film stars the well-known Kannada actress Rukmini Vasanth, who plays the female protagonist in her first Tamil role in Sapta Sagaradaache Ello.

A number of performers, including BS Avinash, Priscilla Nair, Jasper Supayah, Divya Pillai, Babloo Prithveeraj, Muthu Kumar, Raj Kumar, and Denes Kumar, as well as Alvin Martin, have important roles in the film. The title teaser prominently featured the artistic use of gambling elements.