BTS’ Jungkook’s documentary or film to hit the cinemas soon? Agency reveals some insights

As anticipated, the shocking revelation left the fandom searching for hints while they wondered why they had made the decision.


After J-Hope and Suga’s solo documentaries, which trace their artistic beginnings, hit theaters, BTS’s newest member, Jungkook, will also be making his cinematic debut.
The South Korean musician’s official social media pages released a mysterious teaser image titled “Jung Kook: I Am Still” on Thursday, July 11. With the caption “Coming Soon to Cinemas!” accompanying the recent reveal, fans were left wondering what this post would include.
BTS Official tweeted: “Coming to Cinemas”

What can be expected ahead?

While ARMYs awaited concrete confirmation about the impending project, comments along the lines of “Wait What” and “Explain Yourself” quickly became trending on X/Twitter. Concurrently, the CJ CGV chain of South Korean multiplex theaters posted the same grainy, dark image teaser on social media, along with the words “Jung Kook I AM STILL.”

Many fans assumed, based on inevitable conjecture, that a solo documentary film about Jungkook would be released shortly.

Jungkook and Suga at the SUCHWITA special

The hitmaker made his eagerly awaited guest appearance on bandmate Suga’s variety show, Suchwita, while promoting his solo debut album, “GOLDEN.” He declared at the time that he was already in the midst of recording a documentary that would trace the evolution of his music from his pre-release single “Seven” to the creation of his full-length album.

“Jung Kook: I Am Still” would visually commemorate the ambitious production process of his debut studio album, which was released in November 2023 and captured his “golden moments” as a solo artist, if the upcoming project is in line with his earlier revelation.