BTS’ RM gets injured while shooting for Come Back to Me MV; dir shares his quality of resilience

Right Place, Wrong Person will be released on May 24 at 1 pm (KST).


Recently, director-writer Lee Sung-jin, who oversaw the Come Back to Me music video, talked candidly about his collaboration with BTS singer RM. In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, he recounted RM’s (Kim Namjoon) reaction to an incident that happened during the song’s filming.

Lee Sung-jin praised RM and said, “You’re always a little nervous when you’re working with these giant global superstars. Are they going to want to rehearse? Are they going to take notes? RM was game for everything. He was there for long hours.”

About the incident

He continued, “First take of the very first scene, he bent down and his head hit the camera and it was a giant gash on his eye and immediately I thought, ‘Oh great, I’m going to be deported immediately because I’ve just scratched this national treasure’. To his credit, he went to the hospital, got stitched up, came back and he was ready to go.”

Additionally, Sung-jin revealed that RM  “came back the same day” and that the three-day shoot took place in Paju, which is roughly “an hour and a half outside of Seoul, kind of closer to the North Korean border.” When they were working together, the BTS leader would also push him, he said, describing RM as “so versatile and open to direction.” He stated that after checking the monitor, RM would respond, “We can get that one a little bit better.”

RM’s new album

Still from Come Back to Me

The music video for Come Back to Me, a pre-release single from RM’s second solo album Right Place, Wrong Person, was released last week. The album consists of 11 tracks and is titled “Captures Some of the Universal Emotions That We All Experience at Some Point in Life, Such as the Feeling of Being an Outsider Who Doesn’t Fit In.”