9 trailblazing hairstyles by BTS’ Jungkook that’s an absolute game changer

Jungkook’s hairstyles that have managed to elicit a frenzy among both fans and non-fans across the globe.


The immense global popularity and influence of BTS causes anything they do to eventually become a trend.  Still, a feature that draws in fan’s attention is the variety of hairstyles the members don during their musical performances, videos, interviews etc.

There is no look that Jungkook cannot pull off, from mullet hairdo to an undercut. Here are a few of BTS’s Jungkook’s most stylish hairstyles.

1. Purple hued hair

JUNGKOOK's Purple Hair During Butter Era

When Jungkook dyed his hair purple for the group’s 2020 comeback with the English song Butter, it became one of his most well-known hairstyles. Additionally, the artist made the haircut stand out even more by pairing it with solid-colored clothing, like white or pastel.

2. Messy tresses

정국 (Jung Kook), USHER ‘Standing Next to You - USHER Remix’ Official  Performance Video Sketch

The messy, spikey haircut that Jungkook wore in the Usher-starring Standing Next to You music video was another amazing hairstyle. He swooned every fan with his ultimate bad guy ensemble, which included a black leather vest and jeans.

3. Mullet style

Jungkook's Solo Album 'Golden' Has a Symbolic Meaning for the BTS Member |  Teen Vogue

Jungkook chose a mullet hairdo for the release of his first solo album, Golden. To pull off the 80s haircut, he wore a short top with longer sides and back hair. By fusing the traditional style with a dash of contemporary, the artist created the desired effect effortlessly.

4. Man bun

BTS Butter Teaser Photo 1 - Jungkook

Jungkook went for a man bun which gained a devoted fan base, as well. The artist enhanced his appearance in mv ‘Butter’ by wearing a grey coat and formal slacks to complement his hairdo.

5. Curly shag hairdo

Smitten by Jungkook's curly shag haircut? Here are flattering ways to style  it | Fashion Trends - Hindustan Times

It’s true that Jungkook looks amazing in everything, including the wildly popular 1970s curly shag haircut. The hairstyle is a representation of the carefree and rebellious attitude of those bygone days. The idea behind the artist’s appearance for a photo session with Calvin Klein was to transport fans to bygone eras.

6. Short hair with side fringes

ؘ on Twitter

The timeless style of Jungkook’s short hair with a side fringe effortlessly blends contemporary flair with vintage charm. With its well-trimmed sides and back, this haircut accentuates his best facial features and gives him a crisp, young look.

7. Curtain hairstyle

Golden Times on X: "[Media] Jungkook's long hair is included in the list of  The trendiest Korean men's hairstyles of 2020. https://t.co/GcYufsdkR8" / X

One of Jungkook’s most recognizable and significant looks, the curtain haircut has captured the attention of admirers and established trends worldwide. This hairdo, which is evocative of the ’90s curtain fringe made popular by those era’s celebs, has a central parting that lets his hair flow naturally on each side of his face.

8. Pastel pink: A fresh style

BTS Wallpapers | Pink hair, Jungkook, Hair color

One of Jungkook’s vibrant appearances that people still remember is his pink haircut. Vibrant colors break away from his customary darker tints and give his persona a whimsical touch. In addition to showcasing his youthful vitality, the pastel pink also demonstrates his willingness to play around with his appearance.

9. Teal style

What is Jungkook's hair evolution from 2019 to 2021? - Quora

With its surprising pop of color, this eye-catching hue of teal accentuates Jungkook’s well-defined features. The cool, oceanic color accentuates his spirit of adventure in fashion while also adding a modern, edgy edge.