Abhishek Tewari on being part of Laal Ishq: I am thoroughly enjoying it


Actor Abhishek Tewari is thrilled to be part of the Laal Ishq. The actor says that he loves the concept as well as his character. “Laal Ishq is a very intriguing show based on the atrocities of love. It also it has a supernatural essence to it. My character is positive. It’s a very twisted love story with lots of thrilling turns,” he says.

In fact, the show is very different from the rest of the projects that he has been part of. “My forte has always been romance. So, this was a totally different love story as the adventure of shooting a supernatural series has always been a fascination for me. I am thoroughly enjoying it,” he says.

He adds, “A unique storyline in any show makes a huge difference as it provides a multiple range for an actor to perform and utilise his potential to the optimum level. And it’s more entertaining for the audience as well. This is exactly how Laal Ishq is.”

In fact, the actor found the story interesting right from the first time he heard it. “I immediately said yes. I always believe the story is the real hero and I always crave for a well-written story. And this one had so many twists and thrilling turns. It just got me hooked,” he says.

Abhishek loves the title of the show as well. “To me, ‘Laal Ishq’ strikes as both the celebration of love and the bloody, dark side of love,” he says.