Celebrating the spirit of women with Shipra Khanna


MangoBunch celebrates, rejoices, inspires and drives every woman to be the most awesome she can be. In this feature we interview Shipra Khanna on women empowerment and her stories. Here’s what she has to say.

What have been the high points in your career?

Winning Masterchef was the biggest high !

Do you idolise any woman?

Mother Teresa and Cleopatra

Do you feel it’s difficult to keep our culture alive in modern era?

I agree it is a challenge In Modern times to remember and follow our culture and traditions as we are influenced by the west. I do believe in being liberated but at the same time love to follow our traditions and culture . The day we understand we will be able to balance .

One thing that you want to change about womanism?

For years women have been suppressed and looked down upon because of which many have suffered. Womanisn as a term is misinterpreted . It simply stands for having equal respect and opportunities for woman and thus empowering them and releasing them with the age old mind set that “they are not good for anything”.

My experience is that it’s not just men who suppress women ! It has been a thought process where women also participate in suppressing women. Whilst men should evolve so should women by standing together for womanism !

What is your message for the youth women?

Do not rely on anyone but yourself. Family friends colleagues et all are going to walk all over you in case you don’t know how to stand up for yourself ..!

Do not get sweet talked and emotional by people around you as you should know the only one power is between yourself and connection with athe almighty. When down only turn to one supreme power, whatever you call him and rise up from the ashes as ups and downs are a part of life.

Power lies within you . Know it and use it in the right way! Only then does the power help you connect with everyone in the right frequency

Please share one such story which you think has brought changes in your life.

When I was bogged down and couldn’t see light anywhere no one stood by me. There was not a soul that cared and I saw the hand of God work which pulled me out of depression, breakdowns and losses that were abundant ! Emotional financial reputation , lack of any support. There are no relations, no Mother, Father, Brother, Husband, kids or friends unless you help yourself which comes out of faith as rightly said “God helps those hep themselves !”