Cosmetic treatments have made careers of innumerable people in the glamour world: Dr. Monica Kapoor


To create a niche in the glamour world, one needs to look admirable if not drop dead gorgeous. In order to appear flawless onscreen and meet up to the expectation of fans, Celebrities take solace in cosmetic treatments/surgery. From the leading ladies of the film industry to the villains, there is hardly any name left in the industry who did not try these surgical experiments.

Dr. Monica Kapoor, a well-known cosmetic and aesthetic physician, calls it a boon to the glamour world. “Cosmetic treatments have made careers of innumerable people in the glamour as well as the beauty industry. If one is not really happy about certain part of their body, which makes them uncomfortable, cosmetic treatments is all time suitable option that can be taken into consideration. From reshaping the nose to giving a pout to your flat lips, Cosmetic treatment / surgery is capable of every kind of miracles that you may wish for.”

But sometimes these treatments have some risk of Failure if not done by well qualified and experienced doctor. “One needs to remember that cosmetic surgery/treatment is the need for which you have to decide for yourself. I would never suggest to give heed to the opinions of random people. A wrong decision might lead you into a situation where you might regret endlessly.”

Innumerable failures in the cosmetic surgery have been observed in Bollywood itself. Anushka Sharma, tampering her natural looks to Ayesha Takia opting for a liposuction, a lot of the cases ended up being a troll on the social media.

However on the other hand, Gauhar Khan, Preity Zinta and Priyanka Chopra took a wise decision when their post-surgery look left everyone stunned and amazed, thereby giving a greater lift to their career.

Well, the game is all about understanding the flaws and making the right call.