Emraan Hashmi to play the lead in new Netflix Original, Bard Of Blood


Emraan Hashmi will play the lead part in Netflix’s Bard of Blood. The Indian original Netflix series is based on a book of a similar name by Bilal Siddiqi and is being produced by Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment.

Netflix today reported the lead performing actor for its upcoming Netflix original, Bard of Blood. Emraan Hashmi is casted as the lead star in the show based on the book of a similar name by Bilal Siddiqi.

Emraan Hashmi took to Twitter to share the same as he wrote, “‘To be, or not to be’… The answer is to be. Ready ‘to be’ Kabir Anand. Excited to be a part of this thrilling journey !! 😀”

Bard of Blood is being produced by Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment. The theme of the show revolves around an ousted spy who is recalled in order to save the country and his love. His new life makes him work as an educator who teaches Shakespeare in Panchgani. Emraan’s role as a spy is to use his combat skills and intellect to save his nation while as yet managing his past as he is stuck in a race against time.

Netflix India shared this little clasp on Twitter highlighting Emraan Hashmi alongside the caption,“God has given you one face and you make another. Emraan Hashmi is Kabir Anand in The Bard of Blood! @iamsrk @emraanhashmi @RedChilliesEnt”

Prior, Shah Rukh Khan had stated, “We have always tried to create world class content and entertainment from India. Netflix has shown that Indian stories have a global audience and we would love to use this platform and its reach to tell more stories.”

In a prior articulation, the producers had proclaimed, “The series will be shot on location and the characters will interact in Hindi, Urdu, English and other languages.”