Gulshan Nain: I want to change people’s thinking with my short film ‘First Aana Hai’


Actor Gulshan Nain, who has recently featured in a short film called ‘First Aana Hain’ says that the subject has a lot to do with how kids are counselled by their parents when they are in school. “First Aana Hai. This is what all of us have been taught as kids in India. We are told to compete and win at any cost. Since we are so many in number, we are told about the cutthroat competition right from childhood. This is the reason for developing the ‘me first’ attitude in the masses when they grow up. We are seldom taught to be considerate and cooperative towards society, this is the most important requisite in any healthy society to flourish. I am a representation of this society in this film, carrying this first-aana-hai attitude,” he says.

He adds, “This is the reason why I did this film. I wish to see the transformation in society the just like my character transformed in the film. All it needs is realisation.”

Ask him if he faced any pressure in school from his parents and he says, “Like most of the parents, even my parents wanted me to excel at everything, especially in studies. So yes, there was always a bit of pressure. But they were always very understanding and supported me,” he says.

In fact, Gulshan says that he has never believed in competing with others. “Indeed, there is a lot of competition here in showbiz too but I don’t believe in all this as I am consumed with my own growth, my own improvements. I always try to better myself at what I do. That’s a never-ending task. There is no point in wasting time on competing with others when you have a competition with yourself,” he says.

The actor is also part of web series ‘Still About Sec 377’, says that the series has got an amazing response. “The response is much beyond our expectations. We have been getting so much love and blessings from people all over the country. We have been receiving such long and emotional messages from people which is so heartwarming and satisfying. People have already started waiting for the 3rd season,” he says.

The actor says that the web has a bright future. “It is a boon for a lot of creative people as it has created a lot of opportunities for them to make and show content without any restrictions and without any dependence on the pre-existing channels. Earlier, the channels and opportunities were very limited. But now anyone can make anything and upload on the web. Good content always gets recognised and appreciated,” he says.