Dominique Hourani: Singer, Designer and Actor | Interview


Dominique Hourani is a Lebanese singer, designer and model. Born in Beirut, Lebanon, she started at a young age as a model. Daughter of Youssef Hourani a historian, renowned archaeologist and writer. She earned a master’s degree in Business Administration as well as being an international beauty pageant title holder.

She represented her country in the beauty pageant contest and won the “Miss Intercontinental” 2003 title in Berlin, Germany among 41 nations, for the first time since Georgina Rizk won the Miss Universe title in 1971. She looks as beautiful as her pictures and she is open to opportunity in Hindi Films. Here she is.

Excerpt from an interaction with Dominique.

Here is transcript of interview with her:

Hello I’m Dominique Hourani Lebanese Singer and actress I’m so glad to be your guest for today’s interview and i would like to share some of my secrets with my fans and followers and your followers as well please follow me on my social media. I’m just loving your site and loving your Facebook. I wish i can follow up with you the whole time and I’m looking forward to collaborate with you and any future projects.

Your feeling when you are signing why autographs?

Dominique: It’s like the best feeling ever and as you can see some force behind me like some fans can really tell me and talk to me i’m just like good so honoured to be with you today.

Tell us about your passion for your career?

Dominique: I have so much passion for my career and I’ve grown up like step by step I took my time to grow up in my career and I’m so happy where I reached. I have so much ambitions too i’m very happy to launch my new video soon. it’s a dance like pop music Arabic one with a like folklore kind of singing and beats on.

(Listen to her latest song “Elleladi Ya omda” / دومينيك حوراني – الليلادي يا عمدة :

Tell us about your hobbies and you future plans?

Dominique: Concerning my hobbies one of my favorite hobbies is spending time with friends on coffee shops and of course singing on big stages and then dancing and swimming then like nature especially beach sides so very excited every time to take a vacation and for the fact we should be to riverside and do some swimming and snorkelling on whatever beach activities.

I love travelling around the world and I’ve been everywhere in the world partially for my performing my concerts and partially for to make some commercials like or TV series. I love most signing autographs for my fans but not when i’m on concert because huge amount of fans will always make you go dizzy and you know you always feel like tired and conquered. Sometimes it’s too risky and dangerous to be in the middle of crowds. I have too much plans and ambitions for my career. I would like to achieve something in the acting world. Can see I’m working on a few TV series and movies here in Gulf and Dubai we have so many defense lines here at the world so whatever you need to perform in a country you need to learn some of lines accent.

Accent especially in the movies and this is the entire for every actress is the most difficulty we learn we face currently. I say i love travelling of being all around the world especially nice places like island for example seashells as one of the most nice places I’ve seen Australia where I performed although some contents and everything that’s so special about nature also i love the ocean I loves snow i love the world miracles.

What about signing duet with an Indian Singer, working in Bollywood?

Dominique: I love to perform Indian or American movies for sure and that’s a dream forever actress on the world and of course if I have a good option we can duet and with Indian singer or American one it would be more than pleasure for me on the honour to perform for Indian and Indian people.