Jennifer Winget demands ‘one take’ shot for kiss with co-actor Kushal


Its a trend in India, Every time a popular TV couple go close, TRPs soar up rocket high!  Recently, we saw the good looking and sexy couple Kushal Tandon and Jennifer Winget aka Arjun and Maya, getting cozy in Sony Entertainment Television’s Beyhadh.

Now, we have some juicy gossip coming in from the sets, that will leave you craving for more. Well, what you saw on tv was not the entire scenes that the team shot. There was much more but the channel had to edit it out, owing to ‘family viewing’ policies. We are also told that the writers had reportedly added the much hyped ‘kiss’, as an integral part in the sequence.

As per sources present on the sets, actor and actress, both being professional took it in the right spirit and were fine with it. Knowing well that the kiss will become a talked about topic for a long time, on and off screen, the actors purportedly kept their cool & decided to get done with it quick with a selected team. Which was chosen to stay back to shoot while others were shooed out.

A credible source shared, “We were quite apprehensive on how Jennifer will react to the script, and its demand but she was really calm. Knowing that the kiss was an essential part during that particular scene, she only kept a simple demand with the directors. She asked him to wrap up the kiss in one shot than going in for multiple retakes.”

“It was not an unfair demand by her and so the director happily obliged. The team of Beyhadh is really honest toward their work and that can be seen on screen through their performance,” added a crew member on account of anonymity.