Mahesh Pandey on Bigg Boss 13: I really enjoy this show

Mahesh Pandey, who is the acclaimed writer and producer of the hit show Vidya loves watching other shows on the small screen. Right now, if there is one show – apart from his own – which has Mahesh’s complete attention, is Bigg Boss 13.

As the popular reality show draws closer to an end, Mahesh shares his thoughts on the show. “I love Bigg Boss. When I watch Bigg Boss, I see the characters and personalities. This time it was a lot of drama, not every task was completed, injuries happened a lot and they made a hill out of a mole. Things have been made very entertaining, confrontations were entertaining by the media, by guest celebrities it was fun. The season was balanced with Shehnaaz’s madness, Siddharth’s aggression, Paras Chhabra’s game, and whatnot,” shares the avid viewer of the show. Does it look like this show is filling the vacuum in audiences which daily soaps are unable to fulfill? Mahesh is quick to answer, “No,” and goes on to add, “I don’t think so. It’s just entertaining, people who watch it for fun. As Indian’s we are voyeuristic and we want to see what’s happening and why the curiosity of what’s happening in others’ lives. The drama sells. My wife and I sit and watch Bigg Boss and we enjoy it. I have known Rashami Desai, Vikas Gupta and many more from a long time and it’s fun to watch them in different seasons.”