Miss Mumbai Pageant 2017 unveils the faces of 16 finalists


The city of Dreams, Mumbai, recently witnessed the commencement of Miss Mumbai pageant 2017. The pageant aims to crown the most beautiful girl of the city who would successfully pass through all the criteria.

VJ Andy graced the occasion along with Nishita Purandare, CEO, Alom, who further shared their perception of beauty and experiences in the fashion industry.

This would be the first seasons for Miss Mumbai Pageant, and organizers are really hopeful of its success for many more years to come. Commenting on the same, Nishita, who has innumerable titles to her credits, said, “This is the first season for Miss Mumbai 2017  Pageant;  but we are looking forward to a passage of progress with time  and be successful to creating and uplifting true talents and beauty across India.”

When asked about the criteria to shortlist the 16 girl, who shall be representing themselves on 15th, Nishita added, “The criteria for selection do not insist upon specific vitals of the girl. However, it definitely chooses best 16’s to walk the finale ramp. Also, there is no discrimination as regards caste/ creed and region.”

Enlightening the contestants with his definition of beauty, VJ Andy said, “Beauty for me is a feeling. It does not matter how to look but how to feel and present yourself in front of others. Though he agreed with the fact that to walk on the ramp, the contestant should be well versed with the requirement but at the same time what matters more is the inner beauty that the contestant carries within herself.

Andy became a familiar name in every household after he appeared in the popular reality Show Big Boss. But is he a hard-core viewer of the show? Well, VJ mentioned that he is busy shifting to his new house these days and hence don’t get the time to watch the show. Once he gets free, he will surely watch it.

Playing with words and refraining to give any direct answer about going back to the Big Boss house, he said, “may be or maybe not. I mean, we are bound to the contract and cannot reveal any information as such. So in a way, I am neither confirming the assumption nor am I declining it. You have to wait and watch as the curtains will rise with time.”

Andy, who was the guest at the opening/introduction ceremony boosted the contestants with confidence and also advised them to be real in their character throughout the competition.

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