No acting background still called a RISING STAR of Bollywood


“I never dreamt to become an actor but always had a fascination for the film industry. Surprisingly, I am a very shy person off camera but I don’t know what happens to me as soon as the director says ‘Action’! I don’t feel nervous at all. I am very confident as soon as the camera is rolling and often gets lots of compliments for my performance. There is always pressure to deliver which helps me enhance my performance,” says Prachi Tehlan.

Started her career in Pollywood, language has been a barrier for her. But this young girl surprised everyone learning the language within 10 days and also did dubbing herself. “I am already signed for my new Punjabi film – Hard Kaur. The shooting starts soon. Immediately after that I am doing an action thriller Tamil film, she added.

You will see a lot of Prachi in this year. A fresh and charming personality on silver screen for all the viewers in India and abroad.

In an interview, the sportsperson cum actor had said that she would love to be in a loyal and committed relationship and give it her full conviction and commitment but right now all that time is consumed with her hectic work schedule and she doesn’t want to not be able to do justice to her personal or professional life. Right now whatever time she gets, she spend it with her parents and with her pets.

Well, hats off to the dedication of the multi talented young girl. Is there anything she hasn’t done at such a young age? We wish to see you on the big screen in Bollywood too very soon.