Punjabi Film Actress Prachi Tehlan Tells About All Her First Times


Prachi Tehlan is an Indian film actress and model. Currently actress is busy promoting her debut movie Arjan which is releasing on 5th May. We decided to ask her some quirky questions. Here’s Prachi talking to us about all the first times in her life.

First pay cheque: Scholarship from Delhi government for winning a medal in basketball school nationals in 2003.

First thing you bought with your first pay: With first pay as a consultant I bought an iPhone 4s for my papa.

First assignment: Working for development bank of Singapore on reward and recognition project.

First crush: James Anderson, England cricketer.

First car: Honda city.

First trip abroad: Hong Kong in 2008 when I went to play for India and also sat I an airplane for the first time.

First stage performance: Annual day function in school when was in class 4th.

First award: Best shooter award in Sriram Basketball Tournament in 2002.

First love: Basketball.

First time you met your dream man: Haven’t met one yet!

First time you cooked: Maggie.

First time someone proposed to you: When I was in Class 1 .. Ha Ha Ha.. my class partner told me that he likes me.

First time you slapped a stranger: Eve teasing in a public bus when I was in class 9th.

First time you bought yourself an expensive luxury item: Fossil watch or an iPhone 6!

First time you felt lonely: When I had fight with my best friends in class 3.