Rishina Kandhari on playing a cop in Crime Patrol: I love the Khakhi Vardi


Actor Rishina Kandhari, who anchors Crime Patrol, says that she loves being part of the project. However, the actor adds that some of the stories shown in the series can be quite gruesome and affect her emotionally. “It feels really great to be a part of Crime Patrol. I always had a desire to anchor a show and I love playing a cop. The stories I do affect me at a certain point because I feel very sad with what is happening to our beautiful world and why people cannot live in peace with each other,” she says.

Although, she has played a cop in the show Diya Aur Baati Hum, the actor says that playing a cop in this show is more realistic. “In the real world, cops are not so emotional or attached to the cases but yes, as an actor, I have to show a little bit of involvement in the show. I have played a cop in ‘Diya aur Baati Hum’ before but that was a daily soap and ‘Crime Patrol’ is more on the real side. I have to be as natural and real as possible,” she says.

Talking of the uniform, she says, “I love the khakee vardi. I have become a changed person, my body language has changed and I feel very powerful in it. If I wouldn’t have been an actor, I would have been a high rank police officer for sure. Crime Patrol is an interesting show and many interesting incidents keep happening on the set.”

The actor wants to do a show where she plays the lead next and is also on the lookout for films. “I would love to do good films in the future. Nowadays, daily soaps are very short-lived. Unfortunately, my last show ‘Mitegi Laxman Rekha’, which had a great concept and an amazing star cast couldn’t hit the right chords with the audience and got over in less than three months. I was playing the parallel lead there. In the past, I’ve done very strong characters who have been a very important part of popular shows. I have proved my mettle as a good actor but now I wish to see myself playing the protagonist,” she says.