Sakett Saawhney: Indian audience is mature to handle bold content


Sakett Saawhney, who is associated with web series XXX as an associate producer, says that bold content on the web is no longer a matter of concern for the Indian audience. “The Indian audience is both mature and intelligent to handle bold content for years now. It is the content makers who have been underestimating our own audiences and being conservative. ALT Balaji is not one of them,” he says.

However, he adds that the content shouldn’t become vulgar. “Self-censorship is very important. There is a very fine line between bold and vulgarity. No censorship should, in fact, make us more responsible in making bold or adult content,” he says,

The producer says that with the quality of content improving on the web, TV viewing will take a back seat, but not instantly. “A considerable amount of audience is moving away from appointment viewing to convenient viewing. But the Paradigm shift won’t happen overnight. Content on GEC is very different from online content and I think there is enough viewership for both,” he says.

He has a few favourites on the web as well. “I personally enjoy an array of genres on the digital platform. From Gandi Baat, XXX, Yeh Meri Family and Home to Jack Ryan and Designated Survivor,” he says.