Former IPS Officer Dr Kiran Bedi unveils her biopic titled ‘I think the time had come’

This biographical drama will follow Bedi’s ascent to fame.


The film adaptation of Dr. Kiran Bedi’s remarkable life, the first female IPS officer in India, is nearing its wrap. BEDI: The Name You Know is the suggested name of the biopic. The Kushaal Chawla-directed film is scheduled to hit theaters in 2025.

About Dr Kiran Bedi’s biopic

Bedi' Announcement: झकझोर देगी...देश की पहली महिला IPS ऑफिसर की अनसुनी  कहानी, हुआ ऐलान - Bedi Film announcement Indias first IPS officer Kiran  bedi biopic release date tmova - AajTak

In conversation with HT City, Bedi stated, “I think the time had come. It’s liberation for me.”

The 75-year-old former officer, “I told them that it was too early for it as I was still at work, but I saw was the massive homework and due diligence they had already done, without even knowing whether I would say yes or no.”

Ensemble chosen for the biopic?

भारत की पहली महिला IPS किरण बेदी की बायोपिक का एलान, इस खास दिन होगी रिलीज  - Kiran Bedi Biopic Announce

The casting for the biopic has not yet been finalized, nor have the floors been set.When asked which Bollywood actor she believed ought to portray her in film, Bedi responded, “These are tough choices, best left to the directors and producers. Can you put it on a survey? It might make our choice better too.”

The filmmakers intend to premiere the movie in 2025, which is also International Women’s Year’s 50th anniversary. Dr Kiran added, “It will be a global film with an Indian woman on screen, made by an Indian crew.”

When asked in the same interview what she thought about the way police officers are portrayed on TV, the former tennis player responded, “With my limited time, I don’t watch much of uniform or police series, because I have had enough of it in real life.”

She went on to discuss one of her TV series, Aap Ki Kachehri, and referred to it as one of her most successful periods. Additionally, she disclosed that the show was previously unplanned and that she delivered prompt justice following in-person case hearings.